Science Opportunities with Astrophysics Archives of the Next Decade

AstroData2020s Workshop Poster

AstroData2020s Workshop Poster

Aimed at facilitating community preparation for the 2020 Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey, this meeting will provide a forum for discussing the major science drivers in the next decade that will require an evolution in community access to computing, networking, and data archiving tools and facilities. In addition, we will bring together people involved in data creation, dissemination, and consumption to identify community needs surrounding astronomy data in the 2020s. The meeting is intended to lead to the formulation or coordination of white paper submissions to the Decadal Survey.


Meeting Location: 

Keith Spalding Building (Use northeast entrance)
1200 East California Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91125
Room 410


Science themes:

Planetary Systems
Star and Planet Formation
Stars and Stellar Evolution
Formation and evolution of compact objects
Resolved stellar populations and their environments
Galaxy Evolution
Cosmology and Fundamental Physics
Multi-Messenger Astronomy and Astrophysics


Organizing Committee:

Mary Ellen Barba
Wendy Burt
Vandana Desai
Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
Eric Gawiser
Matthew Graham
Hilary Hope
Joe Mazzarella
Eric Murphy
Jeff Newman
Ben Rusholme
Arfon Smith


Decadal Survey Call for Science White Papers